Currently I'm a master's student at the University of Salzburg. I'm working on my master thesis which is about effective memory reuse, supervised by Professor Christoph Kirsch. I expect to graduate in Summer 2017.


T. Hütter, M. Preishuber, J. Hämmerle-Uhl, and A. Uhl. “Weaknesses in Security Considerations Related to Chaos-Based Image Encryption”. InProc. Information and Communications Security. Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 278–291. [ Spinger ]

A. Haas, T. Hütter, C.M. Kirsch, M. Lippautz, M. Preishuber, and A. Sokolova. “Scal: A Benchmarking Suite for Concurrent Data Structures”. In Proc. International Conference on Networked Systems (NETYS). LNCS. Springer, 2015. [ DOI | .pdf ]

M. Aigner, T. Hütter, C.M. Kirsch, A. Miller, H. Payer, and M. Preishuber. “ACDC-JS: Explorative Benchmarking of JavaScript Memory Management”. In Proc. Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS). ACM, 2014. [ DOI | .pdf ]


During the passed years I could collect a lot of experiences in different areas. I was project stuff at academic projects. I was working on a project in collaboration with Google Munich. I was studying a semester aboard which was a great experience. I was working as a intern for companies in Austria and Germany. And even more.


Advanced Operating Systems Class
University of Salzburg, Austria


Project Staff
Google & Research Group of Professor Christoph Kirsch
University of Salzburg, Austria


Compiler Construction Class
University of Salzburg, Austria

Summer Intern
SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG, Austria

Summer Intern
ppedv AG, Germany

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